Nature center

The Nature Center of Serbia Svilajnac is a combination of science, education, entertainment and tourism in one place, in a very specific way. Such a concept makes it unique in this part of Europe. It was opened on June 29th, 2015 with a festive program attended by several thousand visitors.

The attractiveness of the Natural History Center of Serbia is reflected in the unity of a large exhibition (museum) space and an open-air dinosaur amusement park. The museum part of the Natural History Center of Serbia consists of 8 thematic exhibitions, which are located in the building itself, while one exhibition is located in the park, inside the model of the volcano.


Working hours:

10.00 - 17.00 (November, December, January, February)

10.00 - 18.00 (March, April, May, June, September, October)

10.00 - 20.00 (July and August)

Closed during the New Year and Christmas holidays from December 29 to January 15.



Manastir Monastery

Manasija (Resava) is one of the most important monuments of Serbian medieval culture and belongs to the so-called "Moravian school". It was built by despot Stefan Lazarević - Visoki between 1407 and 1418. Immediately after its founding, Manasija became the cultural center of the despotate. Her "Resava school" was famous for its translations and transcripts - even after the fall of the despotism - throughout the 15th and 16th centuries.


The monastery complex consists of:

• church

• large dining rooms or so-called "school" (which, badly damaged, are located south of the church) of the fortress with 11 towers, the largest of which is the "Despot's Tower" (north of the church).

It is 30 km away from Svilajnac, or 2 km from Despotovac.



Resava cave

Resava Cave is located in eastern Serbia, in the area of Gornja Resava, 20 km from Despotovac. It is located in the limestone hill Babina glava on the edge of the karst field Divljakovac and at an altitude of 485 m. It is one of the oldest caves in our country, because it is 80 million years old. Its creation began before the Great Ice Age with the chemical and mechanical work of the submerged river in the limestone geological base. It is 4.5 km long. 2830 m has been explored in detail, and about 800 m has been arranged for visitors. The temperature is constant and is 7 ° C, while the humidity varies from 80-100%.

It is 45 km away from Svilajnac. As additional content for the visitors of the Resava Cave, in 2017 an adventure park was opened which enables the improvement of psycho-physical activity. It is also planned to expand the Adventure Park for children aged 3 and up.



Veliki Buk waterfall

Lisine or Veliki Buk waterfall is located in eastern Serbia, on the slopes of Beljanica mountain. The waterfall is located on the river Vrelo, a right tributary of the Resava. Lisine waterfall is located at about 380 meters above sea level and is located near the Resava cave.

The waterfall has a total height of 25 meters and belongs to the group of higher waterfalls in Serbia. From 2019, a tour of this natural monument began to be charged, according to the decision of the state. At the foot of the waterfall there is a pond, very shallow depth, which is surrounded by bigren blocks. The waterfall, together with the origin fountain of the river Vrelo, is under state protection, as a natural monument "Lisine Waterfall" and as a geoheritage object of Serbia.



The model park

The model park is a unique tourist offer, not only for town of Despotovac, but also for the whole Serbia.

It is located at the exit from Despotovac towards the Resava cave, on the left side of the regional road, and the current setting is medieval Serbian monasteries, built in a scale of 1:17 in relation to the buildings in real size.

The models were made as a perfect copy of the churches in reality.

The park is open for visitors from April 1st to November 1st each year with opening hours from 10:00 to 19:00.